In loving memory of our coach, father and friend Angelo DeStefano 1927-2016.

Please join us Thursday, January 21, 2016 at the Mission Mortuary from 10-11:45 am, proceeding to the Santa Rosalia Chapel at San Carlos Cemetery for a funeral service at 12 noon.

Angelo sponsored and managed one of Monterey Pony’s legendary teams DeStefano and Maiorana Construction (and later DeStefano Construction) for 17 years. Kids loved to play for Angelo and he coached the right way: always making baseball fun, teaching every aspect of the game, sportsmanship, including etiquette and respect and the unwritten rules and humility in victory and graciousness in defeat.

Angelo coached many players that continued on playing baseball in high school and college. His mentoring and coaching knowledge was passed down to the players he coached, cultivating a generation of future successful coaches, locally. Angelo’s tutelage has provided Monterey Pony Baseball/Softball Inc. with a wealth of talented fathers and coaches who have given back to their own families and baseball communities so many years of fun, while teaching kids the love of the game and all the positive life lessons that can be taught through team sports but especially through baseball! Angelo’s son Bobby DeStefano (Bronco division) and his grandson Jason Mehringer (Rookies division) are two of the very best coaches for Monterey Pony Baseball/Softball Inc. in 2016.

Below are some of the great coaches and dads, many of whom have coached for years and are coaching today, that played for Angelo and DeStefano and Maiorana (or DeStefano) Construction:

Danny Carnazzo
Jeff Carnazzo
Raul de la Flor
Gary Hofsheier
Jeff Hrepich
Chuck Page
Phil Santora
Jack Santora
Nathan Trosky
Toby Ward

Angelo De Stefano
Angelo DeStefano throwing out the 1st pitch at Jacks Park for the ’91 Bronco World Series in Monterey on his birthday: August 15, 1991.